Why not mix things up and plan a double date. Whether you’ve just started dating or have been married for years, a double date is a great way to change up your usual dating routine. The more the merrier, check out our list of easy-to-plan double date ideas that you are all sure to enjoy!

  • Go to an Amusement Park
    Act like kids again and visit an amusement park. You’ll have plenty of time to talk and plan which rides to hit up next. Plus, having two couples makes it easy to pair up for ride seats.
  • Have a Wine Tasting
    Save some money by hosting your own wine tasting. Ask each person to bring their favorite bottle of wine for sampling. Have some snacks, and of course, cheese, to pair with your vino for the complete experience. Relax and chat the night away!
  • Go to a Local Event
    From concerts and sports games, to the symphony or a local art show, the possibilities are endless. There are many local events going on in the city that are perfect to hit up in small groups. Gauge the interests of the couple you plan to double date with and go from there.
  • Go Canoeing
    Canoeing is a fun activity for couples. Each couple can rent a canoe, and can choose to either have a relaxing ride enjoying the scenery, or for those feeling more competitive, have a race down the river. Either way you’ll work up an appetite, so plan to pair the activity with a casual lunch or dinner.

Morgan’s canoe is a great place to try. Check out the review here.

  • Take a Class Together
    Taking a class together is a great way to learn something new, and bond as you share your experiences with one another. Classes are fun and typically allow for a very social atmosphere, which makes them great for double dates.

Here a few ideas for classes!

  • Have a Game Night
    Order takeout, grab some snacks and bring your favorite board games and multi-player video games. Having another couple makes playing games more interesting, and usually ups the competition factor. Let loose and have fun!
  • Take a Day Trip
    Going on a mini-day trip is a fun double date idea. You can all fit in one car, which is a plus, and you can really get to know each during the drive to and from your destination. Visit a nearby city or attraction you’ve heard of, but never visited, and enjoy your time together!
  • Dinner Party
    Host a dinner party. Deck out your dining room table, and have each person bring a course for the meal. If you’ve got more time, have everyone bring ingredients for their dishes and cook the meal together. You can’t go wrong with great food and conversation.
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