My review is more about our experience rather than the play, Sex with Strangers. That being said, the play was entertaining and intriguing. We don’t have a lot to compare it to, since we haven’t seen a play in over sixteen years, which is why the experience was actually more interesting for us. Seeing a show at Playhouse in the Park is definitely great for suburban couples needing to break out of their neighborhood comfort zone.Sex With Strangers Playhouse in the ParkIt was a rainy, cold  and frantic Friday night, we had been busy feeding and carpooling the boys around town so we felt comfortable spending time on our date night that wasn’t just a few minutes off our exit. As we drove from West Chester to Mt. Adams, all I could think about was the comfort of my couch, a bag of microwaved popcorn and Nexflix. My husband and I lived in Mt Adams pre-kids and enjoyed Playhouse in the Park and dinner on the hill several times a month, but times have changed, and we are now settled into suburban life.Playhouse in the Park Cincinnati

As we walked into Playhouse in the Park, I forgot the energy it created from people excited about their show. Because of our hurried night we didn’t have a chance to eat dinner and the thought of walking the cold, wet streets of Mt Adams was unappealing. Luckily Vonderhaar’s Catering had a bar offering easy dinner and snack options.

Food at Playhouse in the ParkWine Specials Playhouse in the Park

Bar at Playhouse in the Park

We found a quiet table overlooking downtown and Mt. Adams.  I am sure the view would of been incredible on a clear evening. Feeling more relaxed and fed, we headed toward the bar for a pre-performance cocktail to enjoy with the show.

Sex With Strangers Playhouse in the Park Cincinnati

Sex with Stranger’s was performing in my favorite theatre — the Thompson Shelterhouse.  I love the intimate and cozy surroundings, there is literally not a “bad” seat in the house.

Thompson Shelterhouse Theatre at Playhouse in the Park

The title and marketing image for the play should offer no surprises that the once strangers would have perceived relations. But it is done tastefully (no nudity, however Ethan’s shirt was thrown off several times, not a bad thing considering his great shape). He also dropped the “f” bomb several times — not often, but if you are not used to live performance the use of strong language might shock at first. In the beginning, it seems like a simple attraction, then it turns into a web of who’s in control. And who can use their control to get what they want.

Sex with Strangers Playhouse in the Park

The acting was superb, but then again I think anyone who can perform in front of a live audience is amazing. My husband and I discussed the twists and turns of the play all the way home. The long ride down seemed liked minutes on our return. It was one of our best date nights we have had in a long time, and we are definitely planning to go back soon. Hopefully, the weather will be nicer next time so we can enjoy the view on hill!

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