National Pi Day

In honor of 3.14159265359 or 3.14, we’re celebrating Pi Day! We found the best places to get your own slice of Pi Day with a real slice of pie!

Pi Pizzeria

Okay, so it’s not real pie, but they have pizza pies! They also are the go-to for Pi Day, considering that’s what they’re all about. For their happy hour, you can get draft beers for only $3.14. If you’re feeling cocktails, you can get their Pi² Cocktail for $7.95.

Courtesy of Pi Pizzeria

The Gruff

The Gruff in Covington offers homemade pies from local vendor PieBird. They have a full menu, so you can get dinner before or after dessert! We’ve heard the Key Lime Pie is delicious! Give it a try the next time you’re in Northern Kentucky.

Frisch’s Big Boy

There is no surprise here! Between the strawberry pie babies and the apple pie, you’ll find something you love. Of course, some of their pies are seasonal, so keep checking back so you can try them all.

O Pie O

At O Pie O, you can order dinner pies, such as chicken pot pies and Greek Quiche. Don’t worry, sweets lovers, they offer a selection of sweet pies as well! You can make it a dinner and dessert night with some wine. They offer brunch, too!

Courtesy of O Pie O

Servatti Pastry Shop & Deli

If you don’t have time to stop at a restaurant, you always can just pick up a pie from a local bakery — like Servatti Pastry Shop & Deli! They offer seasonal flavors as well as a choice of crumb or covered style.

These are just a few places you can find that serve up some pies. What other places have you found that have the best pies? Let us know in the comments below!

Eat up and enjoy on Pi Day!

Lizzie K.

Author: Lizzie K.

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