Relaxation. Pampering. Stress reduction. Tranquility. Oh how I miss these words!

When most of us think of “date night,” dinner and a movie might come to mind. We’ve definitely enjoyed quite a few of these, but after visiting Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa, my perspective has been skewed for the better. Expanding our horizons to include some R&R into our date night repertoire was just what my husband and I needed. Initially, I was a bit worried that my husband, Chris, wouldn’t be up for a night out that included a massage and a pedicure, but after twenty years of marriage, he surprised me with a nod, a smile and a “sounds good.”
Mitchell's Salon Lobby

Mitchell’s provides “time together” packages that allow you to unwind and relax from your busy week as a couple.

  • Massage for Two – Massages can be together upon request at Kenwood, Northgate, West Chester and Tri-County (1 hr).
  • Manicure & Signature Whirlpool Pedicure for Two – Includes complimentary beverage, fruit & cheese tray. Twosomes will be seated by each other for manicure & pedicure services (2 hr).
  • Signature Whirlpool Pedicure & Massage for Two – Includes complimentary beverage, fruit & cheese tray. Twosomes will be seated by each other for the pedicure service (2 hr 30 min).
  • Manicure, Signature Whirlpool Pedicure & Massage for Two – Includes complimentary beverage, fruit & cheese tray. Twosomes will be seated by each other for manicure & pedicure services (3 hrs 15 min).

Massages at Mitchell's Salon & Spa

Mitchell's Time Together Spa Package

We opted for the the Signature Whirlpool Pedicure & Massage for Two. Mitchell’s definitely knows how to treat its guests. We visited the West Chester location and received a warm welcome from the receptionist who then escorted us to the spa side of the salon. Here we were offered some cold and refreshing lemon water and directed to the nicely decorated locker rooms to change into soft white robes. Since we were doing the “time together” package, our massage therapists had adjoining rooms that opened up so we could see each other. But, once the massage began, I drifted off into my own peaceful world filled with soothing music, heated blankets and healing hands that eased my tired and achy muscles. We both felt relaxed and rejuvenated after our massage.

Mitchell's Time Together Package

Following the massage, we needed to hydrate and we enjoyed some of the most refreshing lemon infused water that I’ve ever had (maybe that was the massage talking). You do have the option of showering and the locker rooms are filled with products that you might need. We opted to get dressed so we could begin our pedicures.Mitchells manicure and pedicures cincinnati

Mitchell's Pedicure

We transitioned to the main salon area and were greeted by our  friendly nail technicians. The nice thing about Mitchell’s is that they put you right at ease. Even my husband who was new to all this pampering felt comfortable. Since this wasn’t my first rodeo, I knew what to expect from a top-notch pedicure. Mitchell’s did not disappoint. We sat next together and were presented with a delicious fruit and cheese plate to share. It was amusing to see my husband get his feet into tip-top shape. He finished a little bit earlier than I did since he wasn’t getting any polish on his toes.  The only scary part is that I think he may have enjoyed it a bit too much. I need to watch that he’s not dipping into my pedicure budget too much.

Mitchell's salon and spa pedicure Cincinnati

mitchell's salon and spa

Adding a R&R date night is something we’ll include in our date night rotation from now on. Relaxing with the one you love is a great way to spend time together and enjoy the moment. I hope you’ll get a chance to try out a “time together” package at Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa too. With five locations in the Cincinnati area, there’s bound to be one near you. You can also find them on Facebook.Mitchells Salon & Day Spa West Chester

Kristin G.

Author: Kristin G.

Kristin lives in Mason, Ohio, noted by Money Magazine as one of the "7th best places to live for families" in a small town. She lives with her husband, Chris, two girls, rescue Border Collie, Ozzie and Ginger, the cat. They enjoy exploring their hometown and Greater Cincinnati for fun family adventures. You can visit Kristin on her blog, MasonMetu,"Greater Cincinnati's one-stop site for family fun!" She started MasonMetu in February of 2009 and has also been a contributing writer for Family Friendly Cincinnati since its inception.

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