Last Sunday night, my husband and I visited the Dingle House Irish Pub & Grub in West Chester.  He loves Irish fare and had researched the menu and drink list extensively before our visit.  We love good pub food and drinks and were very excited to dine there.  Neither of us were disappointed.

Do not be fooled by the location. It is located near an office park!  But, I am so glad that we did discover it. It’s easy to get to, and right off the interstate.dingle house bar 2

We walked into the Dingle House and immediately loved the darkened pub atmosphere.  The interior is decorated with lots of wood and stone, complete with a huge bar.  It was our kind of place.

There is also outdoor seating, but as it was cold and rainy, we chose indoor dining.  Walking in from the nasty weather, it was definitely a welcoming, cozy environment.  We were so excited that date night was starting off right!

We visited on a Sunday night for two reasons.

First, we have kids and that’s an easy night to get a sitter!

Second, Sunday, all day, the Dingle House offers $9.99 Irish Fare and $2 off appetizers!  When you are paying a sitter, that is important.  Plus, you can buy more drinks! What a deal.  We are always looking for value to go along with a great date.

Speaking of drinks.  The bDingle House Drinks in West Chesterar menu is extensive.  They have over 100 draught and bottled beers from which to choose, not to mention wine and mixed drinks.

I started with a Pineapple Upside Down Cake Martini and then ordered a beer to go with my dinner. My husband selected the Founder’s Breakfast Stout and loved it.  He is kind of a beer snob, so it passed his test.

We started with our drinks and an appetizer of loaded potato wedges.  They were for sure loaded!  Cheese, bacon, ranch dressing…yum!  A nice treat that complemented the dark beer my husband was enjoying.  Next, I ordered a delicious and hearty French Onion Soup.

For dinner, I had  Shepherd’s Pie and my husband had Fish and Chips.  Both meals were delicious, because, yes, I sampled his too!  The portions were nice sized and the price was definitely right. Our entire meal came to under $50. Including drinks!

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Dingle House Fish & Chips
Dingle House Shepherds PieThe service at the Dingle House was fast and friendly.  On a rainy Sunday night, it was quiet, with just several other couples in the restaurant.  It was a great date night restaurant, but also nice that there were several televisions playing, quietly, so you could catch the game!  We really enjoyed the adult atmosphere and felt quite far away from the kids in this nice little bubble the Dingle House Pub created for us.  I will absolutely visit again and hope you get the chance to also.

My romance rating?  Three hearts out of Four!

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Michelle H.

Author: Michelle H.

Michelle lives in northern Kentucky with her husband and 3 children. In another lifetime, she worked in corporate America, but gave up the glamorous life after the birth of her first son. She is now a very busy mom of three kids who loves to try new things with her family, explore Northern Kentucky and cook from scratch. An avid reader, she can sometimes be found taking a break at the coffee shop with a good book.