The idea of having a date night, even after you’re married is absolutely wonderful. I love our date nights! It’s a great way to refresh our relationship and for a few hours remind ourselves of why this family got started in the first place. My husband and I have been married for almost 10 years and date nights are a chance for us to take a few uninterrupted moments and reflect on our love, our family and how blessed we are.

A Date Night at Asian Paradise in Loveland

On our last date night we checked out Asian Paradise in Loveland, and paradise it was! The atmosphere was soft and quiet, the décor was whimsical and the food was…AMAZING!

“Asian Paradise has put a unique spin on traditional Japanese cuisine, featuring signature dishes, including their Pink Lady Roll, Thai Seafood Casserole, and entrees with signature sauces, such as Sambal (Malaysian sauce of citrus and chilies), to provide you with a new style of Asian food.”

My favorite part of the inside is the tree that is right in the middle of the restaurant. When you go, ask to sit by the tree!

Unique Dinning Experience at Asian Paradise

The staff are friendly, accommodating and the service is quick. We were seated immediately and were able to look over the menu and order a few appetizers right away. We went with the Tempura Shrimp and the Thai Crab Cakes…although it was a tough decision because they all looked amazing!
Tempura Shrimp at Asian Paradise Loveland

Thai Crab Cakes - Asian Paradise Loveland

My husband also tried the Wonton Soup…and would not stop talking about how delicious it was! I mean every sip he stopped and said “This is so good!”
Wonton Soup - Asian Paradise

Our entrees were not only beautifully presented (because it’s the little things) but each bite was better than the one before. My husband ordered the Filet Mignon and Shrimp and I ordered the House Special Pan Fried Noodles. As you can see his mouth was watering and he couldn’t wait for me to snap a pic before he started in on his steak!

Date Night Dinning at Asian Paradise

Thankfully, we still had room for dessert and ordered the chocolate mousse cake and ice cream wrapped in sticky rice. Different kind of texture, both sweet and sticky, very tasty and I would order it again! The chocolate mousse cake was so good that by the time I was ready for a bite…that’s all that was left! What can I say, the man likes chocolate!

Unique Desserts - Asian Paradise

Date Night Desserts

All in all, Asian Paradise is a great place for a date night. It was a bit of a drive for us (about 30 min) and we plan to go back! I give it a romantic rating of 3 hearts and $$ for price.
A Romantic Date night at Asian ParadiseYou can find Asian paradise on Facebook and for more info check out their website!

I would love to know what you think, so when you go be sure to come back here and let me know all about your experience.

Heather V.

Author: Heather V.

Heather V lives in NKY and she and her husband have three kids, two boys and a girl, who keep them very busy! Having an interest in health, nutrition and fitness, Heather earned a Bachelors in Exercise Science from NKU. After 10 years of personal training she is now staying home to raise her kids. She believes spending time with family can be just as healthy as eating a salad! A healthy life is a balanced life, balanced between taking care of your health and doing things you enjoy! Heather loves to encourage others to do the same in her blog The Healthy Hen.