Once chilly fall weather hits you begin to crave warm nights at home with a good movie, glass full of your favorite beverage, and a delicious meal. It’s easy to pick up the phone and order carry- out, but why not make dinner a cooking date instead?

In an effort to help spice up your date night at-home cooking repertoire we polled our Date Night reviewers on their favorite recipes for fall cooking. From campfire dinner packets to beef bourguignon, we’ve got a roundup of the tastiest fall recipes that are easy to prepare together as a team, or toss in the slow-cooker and forget about, to make your fall date night meals a delight!

Katie from The Little Things Journal recommends:

  • Campfire Dinner: Meat & Veggie Packets – You don’t have to be gathered around the campfire to enjoy this delicious and easy meal. Just put them together and toss them on the grill – make sure you’ve got the ‘smores supplies too!
  • Chicken Pesto Stir Fry – Have an abundance of garden veggies from the end of the season to make sure of? This is your recipe.

Michelle from I’m Living the Good Life recommends:

  • Saucy Meatloaf – Craving the flavors of comfort food? Whip up some of Michelle’s meatloaf, add some potatoes and green beans, and you’ve got a date night feast!
  • Easy Beef Bourguignon – Like a hearty beef stew, this delicious cool weather dish will warm you up from the inside. Serve with good, crusty bread and a hearty wine and sit back to enjoy the fruit of your efforts.

Jennie from Motherhood Support recommends:

  • Crockpot Potato Soup – Who doesn’t love the flavor of a well-made potato soup? Creamy and delicious, and with the crock-pot it’s a no muss, no fuss creation. Dress it up with freshly chopped green onion, shredded cheddar cheese, and bacon, then grab some fresh yeast rolls and a crisp, green salad and you’ve got a delicious meal for two.
  • Stuffed Flank Steak – Another great, versatile recipe. Stuff it with your favorite ingredients, roll it up, prepare your favorite side dishes and you’ve got an easy and delicious meal that tastes like your favorite restaurant set up shop in your kitchen!

Erin from A Bird and a Bean recommends:

  • The Best Slow Cooker Taco Soup – Spicy and delicious, filling and healthy, this soup will warm you up when the cold winds blow and satisfy that craving you didn’t plan on having – it’s so easy, you can likely throw it together from ingredients you already have on hand!
  • Slow Cooker Rosemary Bread – Fresh, homemade bread with the slaving, kneading, and fuss? Why not! This bread would be a perfect accompaniment to many recipes and it couldn’t be easier to prepare.

Amanda from The Club Mom recommends:

  • Super Easy & Yummy Baked Mostaccioli — Nothing beats a delicious, cheesy, piping hot dish of baked pasta with a slice of good bread and a crisp, green salad. Don’t go out for Italian, create your own feast at home!
  • Chicken and Noodle Casserole – More comfort food – you can never have enough! Versatile enough to please you both, just add whatever veggies you and your sweetie prefer. Serve it up with a salad and you’ve got an easy, delicious meal.

Amy from In A Galaxy recommends:

  • Slow Cooker Italian Meatballs – Who doesn’t love a meatball, right? These slow cook all day in your favorite jarred or homemade marinara sauce so they are tender and juicy and perfect for serving with pasta, creating a delicious hoagie, or just eating straight out of the pot with a slice of good Italian bread and fresh grated parmesan to top it off! Recipe from Girl Versus Dough.
  • Burrito Skillet – This easy and versatile recipe can do pretty much anything you want it to do: become a delicious taco salad, fill a hard taco shell, morph into a burrito, hang out over rice with all of your favorite burrito bowl toppings – you name it! Bonus – it also makes the best nachos you’ve ever had, perfect for the big game!

Author: ocassidy