Great Outdoorsy Date Gift Idea!

Sometimes you just need to get out of town and get away for a night. Here’s an adventure that could make for the perfect Gift this Christmas!

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Sometimes you just need to get out of town and get away for a night. I’ve got an adventure that could be the perfect escape for you! It gives you scenery of the outdoors, with many of the comforts from home for a wonderful glamping experience. An overnight in a treehouse is one of those unique bucket list adventures that will go down in the memory book. This is no ordinary treehouse — the EarthJoy Treehouse was built by Pete Nelson from the popular show “Treehouse Masters.” I love that show because it’s the “Cribs” of the trees. It’s mind blowing to see what Pete can create and build. This treehouse is located on over 200 acres in Germantown, KY, which is located about an hour from Cincinnati.

Deck at EarthJoy Treehouse

This treehouse was built to be accessible to everyone. It almost looks like a house as you approach it from the woods. This is definitely not an ordinary house! My favorite details were the giant barn doors that slide open and the tobacco sticks that were used in the railing around the treehouse deck.

earthjoy treehouse in Germantown KY

On the upper deck, there is an outdoor table and grill to use. You’ll want to pack a cooler with drinks and whatever food items you want to eat during your stay. If planning meals stresses you out, I would suggest ordering takeout and bringing it with you or pick up food that is already prepped for the grill. We purchased kabobs and baked potatoes from the grocery store to keep things simple. There was a pretty big storm that moved in that evening, so my husband quickly grilled our dinner and we enjoyed it inside instead.

Cookout meals at EarthJoy Treehouse

Underneath the treehouse you will see the 9-10 trees that support the structure. There is a swing, hammock, park bench and a fire pit to use.

Fire Pit area at Pete Nelson Treehouse

Pete Nelson Treehouse in Germantown KY

The inside of the treehouse is very beautiful. There is a King Size bed in the loft upstairs. Our overnight was during a very hot and humid day in the 90s,and the owners were gracious enough to offer the use of the generator, which gave us air conditioning and electricity. If you want to totally unplug, I would suggest bringing an extra battery for your cell phone if you use it for pictures. Or if you really want to unplug, leave your phone in car.

King Size bed in EarthJoy Treehouse

Downstairs there is a sectional couch, wood burning stove, reading nook with swing and camping stove. Paper plates, utensils, trash bags, coffee, candles, bedding, pots and pans, a few mugs, firewood and a container of water are supplied for your stay.

EarthJoy Treehouse Accomodations

Since we were already going with a tree theme, we arranged for a tree climb on the property facilitated by Shelly and her husband Bill, the owners of EarthJOY Tree Adventures, who also own the treehouse. They have a passion for the outdoors and love helping others connect with nature by experiencing memorable adventures in the trees. My family and I went on a tree climb with EarthJOY a few years ago and LOVED it! You feel like a kid again as you climb as high as you can,  but this time you don’t have to worry about falling out of the tree because you are safely harnessed in.

EarthJOY Tree Climbing Experience

In the morning, there is nothing better than enjoying a cup of coffee with the barn doors open to experience the sights and sounds of your surroundings. It was so relaxing!

Relaxing Getaway EarthJoy Treehouse

Pete Nelson Treehouse EarthJoy in Kentucky

There is no running water at the treehouse. There is a nearby outhouse or you can go back up the hill and use the bathhouse that has running water, a flushable toilet and shower.

EarthJoy Outhouse

The morning after our stay, we decided to take a few mile hike on the heart trail on the property. I would recommend using bug spray before you go, and possibly wearing long pants to avoid bug bites.

EarthJoy Heart Trail in Kentcky

The reward of the hike is when you discover the tri-hammock at the top of the mountain. It’s very relaxing, and can hold up to 400 pounds.

tri-hammock at EarthJoy

Your overnight at the treehouse can be as active or relaxed as you want it to be. Either way, it’s an incredible date night that you won’t forget!

yoga on deck at Earthjoy Treehouse

You can find out more about the treehouse and tree climb adventures with EarthJOY from their website.


Great Outdoorsy Date Gift Idea!

Sometimes you just need to get out of town and get away for a night. Here’s an adventure that could make for the perfect Gift this Christmas!

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Nedra M.

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